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Our Team

Spring Park Surgery Center, LLC (SPSC) is a joint venture between Uro-Surgery, Inc. (physician investor group) and Genesis Health Systems. As a prospective patient, SPSC is required to inform you of any physician financial interest or ownership in the facility.

Eye Surgeon Associates PC

Urological Associates, PC

Martin O'Malley. M.D.
Martin O'Malley. M.D.
Co-Medical Director
Heather Hilgendorf-Cooley, Administrator MBA, CASC
Timothy Kresowik, MD
Timothy Kresowik, M.D.
Co-Medical Director

Listed below are the credentialed physicians of SPSC; physician owners are denoted with an asterisk (*):

  • Benevento, William*
  • Berneking, Adam
  • Black, Shira
  • Boehm, Michael
  • Booth, Jason
  • Bream, Matthew
  • Brian, Jr., Johnny
  • DeLessio, Stephen
  • DeLong, Rebecca
  • Donart, Teresa
  • Eckhardt, Tina
  • Elshatory, Yasser*
  • Fenzl, Carlton*
  • Frederick, John*
  • Fries, Peter*
  • Harb, Ghasoub*
  • Holst, Laura
  • Kim, Eunhae
  • Kresowik, Timothy*
  • Kumar, Tarikere
  • Lightfoot, Andrew*
  • Lohmuller, Joseph
  • Maves, Timothy
  • Maxwell, Edwin
  • McKay, Thomas*
  • Mykleby, Connie
  • O’Malley, Martin*
  • Park, James
  • Peterson, Joel  
  • Penmatcha, Ashok*
  • Reader, Sarah
  • Repp, Beth*
  • Repp, Daniel
  • Rohlf, David*
  • Rosen, William*
  • Saetre, Siv Brit
  • Stewart, James
  • Stripling, Carrie
  • Sunderbruch, Michael
  • Swanson, Michael
  • Swearingen, Fritz
  • Volfson, Ilya
  • Wagle, Archana
  • Wagle, Nikhil*
  • Wymore, James

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in the disclosure please ask your physician.

Spring Park Surgery Center welcomes you as our patient.